We’re Making Voice Messages Even Better

We’re Making Voice Messages Even Better

The voice messaging feature was launched in 2013 by whatsapp for people. When it was launched, we knew that it would change the way for people to communicate with each other. We make it to record and send a voice message easily by keeping the design simple. 

It is the same way people type a text message. People send 7 billion voice messages daily on whatsapp. All these voice messages are end-to-end encrypted to keep them private. 

Here we are announcing the new features for voice messages. They will make the experience of sending and receiving voice messages better. 

Voice Messages

Out-of-Chat Playback Feature:

When you receive a voice message while chatting with another person, you must open that chat to listen to it. But now, you can listen to a voice message outside any conversation. This feature also allows you to read or reply to other messages, and you can also multitask.  

Resume & Pause Recordings:

You can now pause a voice message while recording it. This feature allows you to pause and resume recording when you are again ready to record it. It helps when you are interrupted and thinking about some thoughts while recording a voice message.

Waveform Visualization Feature:

It shows the visual representation of sound in voice messages. You will get help from it to follow the recording. 

Draft Preview Feature:

You can now listen to your voice messages before sending them to your mates and family.

Remember Playback Feature:

Sometimes we interrupted while listening to voice messages. This feature helps us to pause the voice message, and we can play it again from where we left it.  

Fast Playback on Forward Voice Messages:

You can now listen to a regular and forward voice messages at 1.5x and 2x speed.

People can make more expressive conversations with the help of voice messages. It is more natural than text messages to express our emotions and feelings. Most people prefer to communicate with voice messages on whatsapp. It is convenient for people who avoid typing and can not type a message. Suppose your friend can tell you stories or your parents' voice when you return from work. 

We will launch these new features in the upcoming weeks. We are excited for people to use them.

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