Taking Your Chats with You

Taking Your Chats With You

Move From Android to iPhone:

Now you can transfer all your whatsapp conversations when switching from Android to iPhone. You can also transfer media files such as images and videos and hold on to your conversation history.

Move to Android:

The messages which you send or receive on whatsapp belong to you. Therefore all your messages on whatsapp are secured with default end-to-end encryption. That is why we provide features so they can automatically disappear from your conversations. 

The most requested feature is the ability to transfer chats from one mobile to another. People are requesting to make it possible to transfer their chats after switching from one operating system to another. We are working with mobile manufacturers and operating systems very hard on it. We aim to build it reliably and securely for our users. 

We are very excited to start this feature which ables you to transfer your whatsapp conversations history. You can now move your chat history from iOS to Android without problems. It happens securely without sending your messages to whatsapp. It also lets you move voice messages, videos, and images with messages. People can use this ability on Android 12 OS and above mobiles. 

Additionally, setting up a new mobile will allow you to securely transfer your chats from your old mobile to your new one. You will need a USB Type C cable to lightning cable to start this process. 

Final Verdicts:

It is just a start. We are also working to make this feature available to other people. Therefore they can securely take their conversations with them while switching between platforms.

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